An Organized Home is a Possibility!

An organized home is a happier home whether you are single or have a household of eight. Having an organized home will make your life and everyone else’s run much smoother.

How do you organize a home? Start with the basics! Since every home has a kitchen make a concerted effort to put everything in its place and enlist all members of the family to do the same. Your kitchen will remain uncluttered and everyone will always know where to find what they are looking for. Set up a system for setting the table, clearing the table, loading the dishwasher, and cleaning up the kitchen after a meal or a cooking session. From time to time, schedule a good cleaning and reorganizing of the kitchen to keep it in tip top shape.

Bedrooms items such as laundry baskets are essential to an organized house. Your dirty clothes go in the basket not on the floor! Kid’s toys can be stored in a toy chest or colorful plastic bins minus the lids for young children. When they are done playing, the toys go in the chest or bin and the room stays clean; the same rule applies to the playroom if you have one.

If you are short on closet space and have gone the shoe rack and shelf extensions route and still need more room, under the bed boxes can be used(can be purchased in any department or home improvement store). Simply put the stuff in the box, slip it under the bed and out of sight it goes.

Bathrooms can be the hardest rooms to organize in the home. Most of them are way too small to accommodate all the daily necessities. If you have room, a tall thin over the toilet stand can hold your extra toilet paper and a few towels and wash clothes. Hair dryers and curling irons can be stored on hooks installed next to the rack if there is room. Cosmetics can be put in a plastic container with a lid or a decorative basket and left in the bedroom when they are not in use. You really have to get creative when organizing the bathroom, but it can be done.

An organized home will not only look neater but it will certainly cut down on all the questions of where to find something. Just be sure to involve every family member in the home organizing project.